Set Partition Label

Partition label is an optional name assigned to a partition for easier recognition of your partitions. For example, one could be called WinXP which represent a partition with an OS, Games which represent a pastime partition, etc.

To change a partition label
  • Select a partition which label needed to change, and right click partition C and select “Change label”.
  • Enter a new label in the Input Box field.
  • By clicking OK you'll add a pending operation, and the new partition label will be graphically represented in the Partition Assistant main window.
  • Click “Apply”> “Proceed”


  • In Windows, partition labels are shown in the Explorer disk and folder tree: System (C:), Work (D:), etc. System and Work are partition labels.
  • For FAT/FAT32 partition, the label can be set up to 11 characters, but in NTFS, the partition label is up to 32 characters.

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