Check Error

For a formatted partition, the Check Error can discover some errors of the file system to ensure the integrity of your data files. And on a disk or any partition, the function will scan each disk sector status by reading data from the sector.

  • Select the partition or an unallocated space that you want to check in main window, and right click it, choose “Advanced”> “Check Partition”.
  • Pick a check method in the Check Error dialog, you can:
    • Check the file system by using Windows built-in chedsk.exe. This will discover any problem, and you also can use chkdsk.exe /F in CMD to amend the discovered errors.
    • Then, click “Ok”, the screenshot as below:

    • Check whether has bad sectors or not. This is a disk surface test, which will scan the selected disk space. Disk block no error will mark as green color and disk block with reading error will mark as red color.
    • Then, click “Ok”> “Start”.

The screenshot as below:

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