Delete all partitions

It will delete all partition on a disk, and you also wipe all data on the disk to ensure that the data can not be recovered by any data recovery solution.

To clear disk (delete all partitions)
  • Select the disk that you want to clear in main window, and right click it and select “Delete All Partitions” to invoke the related dialog.
  • Select the clear method in the Clear Hard Drive dialog, you can:
    • Just delete all partitions on a hard disk (without wiping disk sectors)
    • Delete all partitions and fully wipe partition sectors (The all sectors of the partition will be full 0). This can ensure that the data recovery software can not recover the data on the disk.
  • Here, we choose “Delete all partitions” as an example. By clicking OK you'll add a pending operation of clear disk, and the disk will become a full unallocated space, and then this will be graphically represented in the main window.
  • To save the changes, click “Apply”> “Proceed”> “Ok”.

If the current disk is a system disk, we suggest you do not clear the system disk. Otherwise, your PC can not boot on the next time.

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