Copy Partition” could help you quick buck up your important partition or migrate system partition from one hard disk to another hard disk.

Copy Partition with Partition Assistant?

  • Only the unallocated space could be selected as the destination place to contain the source partition.
  • The size of the unallocated space must equal or larger then the source partition size

Step1. Launch Partition Assistant, on the main console, right-click the partition which you want to copy, select “Copy Partition”.

Copy Partition

Step2. In the pop-up window, there are two different way to copy your partition:

Copy Partition Quickly”-only copy the used space and support resizing partition (Recommend).

Sector by sector copy”-copy the whole partition no mater it is used or not, may need a long time to commit the operation.

Select the method you want to copy partition and then click “Next”.
Copy partition method

Step3. In next window, select the destination place (unallocated space) to contain your source partition, and then click “Next”.

Select destination space

Step4. In this window, you could readjust the size of cloned partition on the new hard disk. Position the mouse pointer to each sides edge of the partition, drag the border rightwards or leftwards to resize partition. And click “Finish”.

Adjust cloned partition size

Step5. Back to main console, click “Apply” on the tool bar to commit partition copy.

Note: If you copy system partition the operation need to be completed under the PreOS mode.

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