How to Use the Extend Partition Wizard to Extend A Partition?

When the partition is running out of disk space (only 200 Mb left), Windows will alert a low disk space warning to show there is insufficient space on the partition. The computer may not work reliably in the case. One way is to extend the partition to optimize disk space usage and resolve the problem. AOMEI Partition Assistant helps you to realize this job with all your data protected. Below is an example for extending partition:

Partition Assistant includes a Partition Manager and Extend Partition Wizard for Windows 8/7/XP/2000/Vista and Server 2008/2003/2000. If you only want to extend a partition, we recommend you choose Extend Partition Wizard, which can help you to do easier and better.

As an example, the following is a structure of my disk, I intent to extend the C: drive from 10GB to 20GB. As a matter of fact, increase 10GB to the C: drive, which will result to shrink the D: drive from 25GB to 15GB.

Disk Structure

First of all, You need to download the software:
Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition (File Size: 3.12MB)

Now, we will let you experience how to use the wizard to extend partition the above C: to 20GB. You need to launch the software as administrator privilege and you will see a main board and click "Extend Partition Wizard".

Partition Assistant

After click "Extend Partition Wizard" option, you will enter the following procedure to extend volume as you wish.

Select Extend Partition

Select "Extend system partition", and then click the Next. You need to skip a "Welcome to here" screen to go to the page as follows; here will show you the partition you could shrink to extend.

Select Shrink to Partition

Please check the "D: data" item, this will lead to shrink it in order to get more free space to extend the C: partition. Please click the Next button to enter the next page below.

Repartition Size

In the "Partition New Size" page, please set the new size of the C: partition by dragging the slider or entering proper size into the Partition New Size field. Here specify the new size to 20.02GB, and click the Next.


In the "Hard Disk Layout" page, you will preview the changes, and you need confirm the extending operation by clicking the Proceed button. Here will popup the following message box to tell you how long the operation will take.

On the above message box, please click the Yes to start work indeed. Here you will see the following progress.

When the extending operation is completed, the program will tell you a report. Hereto, the 10GB size has been increased to the C: drive successfully!

All procedures to extend volume are showed above, is it easy? Here we introduce Extend Partition Wizard, if you have problems about the point, just download and operate it safely, as long as operate it according to prompt, your data will has nothing wrong. If you have more requirements, AOMEI Partition Assistant is a good choice, which provides more convenience to manage partition on hard drive, never be afraid of data security, just do as its directives.

Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition (File Size: 3.12MB)

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