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AOMEI Partition Assistant has added Extend Partition Wizard since it was released with the purpose of simplifying resizing partition. This wizard assists users easily to extend system partition or adjust data partition size automatically without restarting computer. So, for Windows Server users, this wizard helps them a lot to fix server low disk space problem and maximize server performance.

Extend Partition Wizard was added in all five AOMEI Partition Assistant Editions: Standard Edition (Free Partition Manager), Professional Edition (Windows Partition Manager), Server Edition (Server Partition Magic Alternative), Unlimited Edition and Technician Edition. The right edition could help you to extend partition safely.

Learn How Extend Partition Wizard Works?

There are two accesses to launch Extend Partition Wizard, in AOMEI Partition Assistant main interface, we could click "Extend Partition Wizard" in the left side bar and choose it in the drop-down menu after clicking "Wizard":

Here is Extend Partition Wizard main window, extend system partition or data partition is available:

We could tick "Automatical Mode for Extending a partition" option to continue. This means the program will automatically analyze following partitions size and changing partition size directly:

In this window, we could directly drag slider rightwards to extend system partition, meanwhile, you could see the following partitions changing:

Next, we will see the changes in new window, click "Proceed" to start. (P.S. We highly recommend you to shut down all other applications to ensure Extend Partition Wizard to work flawlessly.)

It will take some minutes to finish the operations that are depending on the size of used partition.

Close Extend Partition Wizard, back to the main interface, after reloading, we will see the enlarged system partition size without restarting computer.

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