Copy Partition/Disk Wizards in AOMEI Partition Assistant

Partition Copy Wizard and Disk Copy Wizard were updated in AOMEI Partition Assistant 3.0 Version. These two wizards provide fast & safe backup methods to upgrade hard drive and transfer a large number of applications or data. They also could guide you how to copy system partition to another partition with ease on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and Server 2000/2003/2008 32 & 64 bit

Partition Copy Wizard and Disk Copy Wizard were built in all AOMEI Partition Assistant Editions: Standard Edition (Free Partition Manager), Professional Edition (Windows Partition Manager), Server Edition (Server Partition Magic Alternative), Unlimited Edition and Technician Edition. So, you needn’t worry about your Windows System because you could choose the proper edition to enjoy!

To make the two wizards work, following screenshot show you the accesses:

AOMEI Partition Assistant Disk Copy Wizard Brief Tutorial:

Step 1. Get new windows of Disk Copy Wizard and choose the proper method:     view image

Step 2. In disk map, choose the source disk which need to backup:     view image

Step 3. Choose the destination disk: (Note: The destination disk should be equal or larger than the source disk, all the data on the destination disk will be covered by the files on source disk, so, make sure there is no important data on it)     view image

Step 4. Copy disk options:

  • Copy without resizing partitions: The source disk configuration will be copied on the new disk with same partitions size
  • Fit partitions to the entire disk: The partitions on the source disk will occupy the entire destination disk
  • Edit partition on this disk: You could change the partitions size on the new disk
P.S. Each option provides the detail introduction and graphic solution     view image

Step 5. If you copy the disk contains system partition, you will receive the following message which guides you how to boot OS from the destination disk:     view image

Step 6. Back to the main window, click "Apply" on the toolbar to get the operation: (P.S. If you copied large amount data, it will take a little long the achieve, and do not worry because it is normal)     view image

AOMEI Partition Assistant Partition Copy Wizard Brief Tutorial:

Step 1. Get the new window to choose copy partition method and each method provides the description:     view image

Step 2. Select the source partition, here, we choose system partition to copy:     view image

Step 3. Select the destination partition (The destination should be unallocated space which is equal or larger than the source partition):     view image

Step 4. In the main window, you could define the new partition info:     view image

  • Create as primary partition or logical partition in the drop-down menu
  • Change the default drive letter as you wish
  • Adjust the partition size by dragging
Step 5. Back to the main window, click "Apply" on the toolbar to proceed. After rebooting, you will see the changes:     view image

Copy Partition/Disk Wizard resource:

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