Way to Resize SBS 2003 Partition and artition Management

Partition Management: resize SBS 2003 partition

Windows Small Business Server (SBS) is an intergraded server suite designed for running network infrastructure of small and medium enterprises. SBS 2003 enables users with targeted solutions such as remote web workspace and remote access etc. Most companies use this server to optimize the office management. However, it still has its design limitations like the server itself doesn't include the functions to optimize the disk management such as resizing partition, moving partition, extending partition etc. You need to use professional software to resize SBS 2003 partition based on your needs.

Because of the complicated technologies built in the server-oriented functions, SBS is not like common operating systems which may have the resize partition functions so the professional tool is of vital importance. If the operating system needs to be extended or you need to split a larger partition into some small ones, and the server is almost near overflow, how to resize SBS 2003 partition or repartition the hard drive? The server partition manager is the very tool you need!

Resize SBS 2003 Partition with Partition Assistant

SBS is an application server that has two versions in the market, 2003 and 2008. Fortunately, server partition manager can support both the two systems in disk partition management, with all the RAID series. In-depth integrated instructions are included in this software to allow you powerful ability to resize the partition with factory mode. What's more, the server is not interrupted in its functions and working status. If your system file system is NTFS, you don't even have to reboot your working station computer to resize SBS 2003 partition or repartition your hard drive (Hot Resize Server Partition).

For more information, you can read our step by step tutorials on how to resize SBS 2003 partition as follows:

1. Download the software from http://www.extend-partition.com/download.html. You can click "Local Download" then there is a pop out message box program download.

2. Click "Partition Management" to enter into the main function interface and you will directly get the hard drive information of your working station computer, like disk model, partition file system, capacity etc. Please see the following screenshot:

Partition Assistant Main Window

3. Click the partition which you want to resize to select the partition you are working on, then click "Resize" and it will pop out the partition move and resize box for you. Please check below:

Resize Partition in SBS 2003

From above, you can understand that SBS partition management problems will be perfectly solved and resize SBS 2003 partition is very safe and easy through using the server partition manager. Selecting this advanced software is surely a wise plan.

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