How to Completely Wipe A Hard Drive in Windows 8 to Erase Data Free?

Why need to wipe hard drive in Windows 8?

A Windows 8 hard drive is the storage area of your data, including files, pictures, passwords and other personal information. Some of them are so private that you never would like to share with anyone. When you buy a new computer, you plan to sell or give away the old Windows 8 computer. How to destroy your data on hard drive?

Usually, you think that all data are damaged when you delete or format your hard drive partition. However, you might have no idea that they are not gone completely and can be recovered with the various data recovery software. In order to make sure that people can't get at any potentially sensitive information, you need to wipe Windows 8 hard drive.

How to completely wipe a hard drive in Windows 8?

Tip: To begin, you need to free download the full version of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard (File Size: 3.66 MB).

Step1: Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Step2: Select the hard drive (here’s Disk 2) you want to wipe, and then, right click on it and select "Wipe Hard Drive".

Wipe Hard Drive

In the pop-up window, please specify the number of times to wipe hard drive.
Wipe Hard Drive Windows 8

Step3: Click "OK". You can preview the hard drive has been deleted and erased. To save changes, click "Apply".

Click Apply

As ALL-IN-ONE partition manager and powerful disk management tool, AOMEI Partition Assistant also allows you to do the following operation in Windows 8:

Free download AOMEI Partition Assistant and try it out.

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