Free Clone Hard Drive to New Hard Drive in Windows 8 without Reinstalling

When you are upgrading Windows 8 hard drive, you would like to clone the whole contents of your old hard drive. If the hard drive contains Windows 8 system, you can not just drag and drop files in Windows 8 system partition to the new hard drive. Just copying and pasting Windows 8 system files will cause your computer fail to boot. However, free hard drive cloning software can do an excellent job to migrate all your Windows 8 files including boot sectors and other important information related to system to the new hard drive.

Free software to clone hard drive without reinstalling Windows 8

In order to meet the needs of Windows 8 users and provide an easy and safe solution to clone an old hard drive to new one, or create a backup of the entire hard drive. Most of Windows 8 partition manager software has been added with clone function. Some paid software will enable you to clone Windows 8 hard drive. However, if a freeware that can also complete the same task for you, why not choose it?

As Partition Magic alternative, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition is just a free disk partition software that lets you clone a hard drive to another by Copy Disk Quickly or Sector-by-Sector Copy. Besides, it supports both 32 bit $ 64 bit versions of Windows 8.

AOMEI Partition Assistant helps clone hard drive for Windows 8

According to different hard drive clone methods, the size of new hard drive must match with the source one you want to clone. If you select "Copy Disk Quickly", the new hard drive may not be larger than the source one but must be equal or larger than the used space on source hard drive. If you select "Sector-by-Sector Copy", the target hard drive must be equal or larger than the source one.

Tip: Download Free AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition (File Size: 3.66 MB).

Step1: Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Step2: Select the source hard drive (here’s Disk 1). Then, right click on it and select "Copy Disk".

Clone Hard Drive

In the pop-up window, choose the hard drive clone method.
Disk Copy Method

In the next window, select a target disk (new hard drive).
Select Destination Disk

In the "Edit Disk" window, you can select the on of copy options as you want.
Edit Disk

Step3: Click "Apply" to save all the changes.

Click Apply

As ALL-IN-ONE partition manager and powerful disk management tool, AOMEI Partition Assistant also allows you to do the following operation in Windows 8:

Free download AOMEI Partition Assistant and try it out.

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