Learn to Transfer Hard Drive with Migration Software

Why do we Need Hard Disk Migration Software?

There are several situations listed below:

  • Usually the users would like to transfer original partition or disk to another hard drive in order to make a backup.
  • The previous hard disk is too small to meet the uses' need, so that they want to replace it with a new one.
  • Some users may want to migrate the system partition to a new SSD without reinstallations.

As for the first situation, if the data or file is not so big that you can just transfer them by coping and pasting. But if you want to move the whole partition or disk to another disk, you can turn to migration software for help. What's more, the operating system and the applications can not be merely moved; in this case, the hard disk migration tool can do great help.

Excellent Hard Disk Migration Software

As multifunctional partition software, AOMEI Partition Assistant also has the function of "transfer hard drive". For instance, there are two disks on the computer, disk 1: 36GB and Disk 2: 256GB; and the OS of Disk 1 is Windows 7. In this case, the user wants to migrate the OS to Disk 2. Then it will be the detailed demonstrations of transferring system drive.

The picture below is the main interface of this tool.

Tips: download the magic tool.

Professional Edition

There are two methods to accomplish this task.

"Disk Copy Wizard"

This option provides a fast and secure solution of transfer data and files to meet the need of Windows or disk upgrading. During the copying process, the size of the target disk can be reset to meet personal need. Moreover, it supports most versions of Windows OS.

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"Migrate OS to SSD or HDD"

It is a specially designed function for the users to quickly migrate OS from an old disk to a new one without reinstalling the operating system. Also, the size and the location of system drive on the destination disk can be reset.

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All in all, this magic disk manager can easily resolve the problem of migration. Therefore, if you have such trouble, just download the program and get rid of it immediately.

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