Move Partition in Windows Server 2008 with Partition Magic Server Manager

The issue users meet with a lot is low space warning on system partition in Windows Server 2008. The "Extend Volume" feature in disk manager provides possibility to solve low space warning when there is unallocated space behind system partition. Usually, in Server 2008 users divide hard drive into at least two partitions. By shrinking partition, they can only obtain unallocated space behind it not before. In this case, extending system partition is limited without "Move Volume" feature. Thus people get distressed by this defect in disk manager. If we have unallocated space not next to system partition or shrink partition, can we move it to the right side of system partition? The answer is yes.

How to move partition in Windows Server 2008?

This question can be solved easily with Partition Magic Server Manager – Partition Assistant Server Edition. It is a powerful software with stable features such as resizing, moving, merging, splitting partition, etc. You can make operations in the user-friendly interface by clicks and drags. Before operations are committed it is available to preview the changes you have adopted. To move partition in Windows 2008, you can achieve the goal by reading the following paragraph:

Case: I have a client with Dell PowerEdge 2900 running Windows Server 2008. The hard disk contains two partitions: one for system and one for data and some unallocated space. The system partition (partition C) has not enough space left. To extend c drive he has to move data partition (partition D) behind unallocated space. Follow the guide to move partition in Windows Ser 2008:

Step 1: Download and run Partition Assistant Server Edition. Right click partition D and choose "Move Partition" in the option menu.


Step 2: In the pop up window, put mouse pointer on partition D and drag it rightward to move it behind unallocated space. Then click "Ok" to go back to the main console.

Move partition D

Step 3: In the main console you can see unallocated space is right behind partition C. Then make sure no changes are needed click "Apply".

When you have this Partition Magic Server Manager it is such a simple work to move partition in Windows Server 2008. With data security and performance stability Partition Assistant Server is worth purchase. Free download server partition manager to have a feel of it.


Tips: When you finish all the operations don’t forget to click "Apply" or what you have done is in vain. Follow the tutorial to resize partition Windows Server 2008.

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