How to Resize Windows Server 2003 System Partition?

Partition Assistant Server Edition

As a result, you should use professional partition software to resize windows server 2003 partition. server partition manager -Partition Assistant Server Edtition is the very software to do such professional job. This tool can process advanced partition operations without data loss for Windows Server 2003/2008/2000, including Extend Partition Wizard, Resize Partition and Move Partition, Extend System Drive, Repartition, Merge, Split Partition etc. with all hardware RAID series supported. It adopts the most for Server 2003, advanced ability to analyze sector-grade sever data and redistribute free disk space. With its assistance, you are able to perform extra partition management operations on your Windows Server 2003 (32 bit and 64 bit) with high efficiency and low cost.

Resize Server 2003 Partition with Partition Assistant

You don't need to use traditional method to backup all the data then delete and recreate the partitions, just for the purpose of resize server 2003 partition to realize better performance of the windows 2003; you just use this server partition manager -Partition Assistant Server Edtition while your Windows 2003 is running. You can hot resize server 2003 partition without your work interrupted with this magic software and our free technical support. You can merge two or more partitions into a larger one, or split a larger partition into two or more small partitions. You can move partition, extend partition and shrink partition as you wish without data loss.

Instance Study: Purpose extending system C: partition. You can follow the steps below:

1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition and you will get the following window. There are two partition C: and E: on the hard drive.

Partition Assistant Server For Extend Server 2003 System Partition

2. In the Main Board, click the E: partition, and move the mouse pointer on the left circle of E: partition. Drag the circle to the right to shrink E: dirve when the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow.

Shrink E: Partition

3. Then, you will get an unallocated disk space on the right side of C: drive.

After shrinking E: drive

4. Ok, please right-click C: and choose the "Resize" option.

Right-Click C:

5. Now, in the popped-up dialog, you can extend the C: partition. Move the mouse pointer on the right circle. Drag the circle to the right in order to increase the C: drive size when the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow. Also, you may change the partition size you desire by inputting the number.

Extend C: Partition

6. Click OK to return to Partition Assistant Main Window. There are two recoreds in the "Pending Operations" of main window. (Please refer to the following screenshot marked by the blue region.)

Click Apply to Execute the Tasks

Hereby, the C: partition has been extended from 10.33GB to 18.33GB. Finally, don't forget to click "Apply" button on toolbar to commit these operations to physical disks.

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About Window Server 2003 Resize Partition

Window Server 2003, a server operating system produced by Microsoft, is a most commonly used server system around the world. It is more scalable and delivers better performance than Windows 2000. Although later on Microsoft has released the Windows 2008, which is the latest Server system, Window 2003 is still has most of the users according to an IT survey. If you are server 2003 administrator and would like to resize the system partition, how can you do it? This is an article especially on this topic.

Windows 2003 has improved disk management functions, including the ability to back up from shadows of files, allowing the backup of open files. No matter you are using a web edition, standard edition, enterprise edition or Standard Edition, when you come to the question of disk management, you must know how to resize partition and manage partition. It is the most frequently asked questions by server 2003 administrators. The system itself only has the related ability like create partition and delete partition.

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