How to Resize Partition for Windows XP 64 bit to Manage Disk Partition?

Windows XP 64bit will be more preferable than any of the currently widely spread 32-bit Windows-type operating systems. Following are its advantages:

  • First of all, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is a new operating system, which can work with 64-bit application, which improves notably the performance and data processing efficiency.
  • Secondly, as you probably know, the 32-bit Windows versions cannot address more than 4GB of memory. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition supports much larger memory capacities. Thus, the maximum amount of physical memory supported by this new operating system is 32GB.
  • Thirdly, one of the indisputable advantages of Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is the ability of this system to work not only with the 64-bit applications, but also with the traditional 32-bit applications without any functionality limitations or performance drops.

Manage Partition for XP 64 bit

Unfortunately, the disk management of the XP 64bit is no any improves compared to XP 32bit. We still cannot extend partition, shrink partition and resize partition on 64 bit XP. Therefore, as an IT consultant and system administrator, have to use third party partition manager software to replace the disk management of XP 64.

Partition Assistant is the leading partition manager that provides safe, easy, fast and reliable partition management solutions for XP both 32 bit and 64 bit. With the partition manager assistant help, we can both perform some basic partition operations (create/delete/format partition) and also extend/shrink/move/resize partition. For certain, this is no problem that the partition assistant can well resize partition to best manage disk space usage for Windows XP 64bit.

For example about how to resize system partition to smaller in XP x64, detailed instructions will help you more easily understand the partition manager software.

Firstly, launch the partition software and you will see its friendly user interface shown below:

Resize XP 64bit Partition with Partition Assistant

Secondly, choose the system partition (C:) you want to resize, then click the Resize button (in the top toolbar) or right click the selected partition, pop up a shortcut menu and click Resize like below.

Manage Partition for Windows XP 64bit

Thirdly, click the "Resize Partition" menu option to pop up the following window. The partition size is displayed graphically in it. The graphical rectangle depicts the used and unused space within the partition. When the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow, drag the handle to the partition size you want. You can directly input a proper size to the Partition Size Box, and then click OK button to confirm as follows:

Resize/Move Partition for XP 64 bit

Based on the above, the Partition Assistant can effortlessly resize partition for 64 bit XP. It is regarded as the one of the best Partition Manager for all Windows operating systems, safe and fast partition operations as well as its low price. The Partition Assistant Professional Edition is specially provided for 64 bit operating systems. "Our prospects are good as long as we offer value for money products." AOMEI Technology says.

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