Quickly Partition an External Hard Drive with Partition Assistant

What is External Drive?

Every computer needs at least one hard drive to store its operating system, programs and user information. This drive is usually internal; however, as computer systems have developed and different needs, the external hard drive has become extremely popular. It allows the user to support or store important information separate from the main internal hard drive, which could become compromised by online or offline activities. Another advantage of the external hard drive is that it is portable and operates on a plug-and-play basis.

Why Partition External Hard Drive?

There are some reasons to explain the benefits of partitioning external hard drive:

  • Firstly, if you separate your applications from the data in the different partitions for the external hard drive, an application is installed is corrupted or accidentally deleted, the data in another partition won't be erased. You will only need to recover one partition, which is faster than recovering the entire hard disk.

  • Secondly, encryption is one of the fundamental methods of protecting critical data from theft or corruption, but it slows down the performance of your computer. You can create different partitions with disk partitioning software---Partition Assistant Standard Edition, then you can just encrypt those partitions that need protection in the external hard drive, and other parts of your system will run unencrypted. As a result, it will help your computer run faster.

  • Thirdly, hard drive partitioning lets your computer finds files and data quicker as it only needs to search one partition, not the whole external hard drive. And it makes easier for you to categorize files and folders in partitions according to logical schemes. Partition Assistant can help you divide partitions for different purposes, and can help you increase your productivity.

How to Partition External Hard Drive?

In order to make partitions work smoothly each other, before we partition external hard drive, we must make sure one essential point that is whether there is some unallocated space, because we must shrink the existing partition from unallocated partitions to create partition.

Please download Partition Assistant, then we can suppose the disk partition condition below is you external hard drive. There are two situations, which is we have allocated space or not.

First, let us partition external hard drive without unallocated space like the view below. We need to shrink from other partitions.

Partition Assistant

For instance, we shrink NTFS partition E:. Click it and let your mouse becomes a two-way arrow, press the left mouse and drag to the left to the size you want to shrink. The following view shows for you.
Shrink Partition

Then you will see the unallocated space is created like this:
The Partition Has Been Shrunk

Right-click the unallocated space, you can create a partition from it.
Create Partition

Second, we operate on the external hard drive with unallocated space. We can directly right-click the unallocated space and choose the "create" as the above screenshot.

Attention: please remember to click "Apply", that is a necessary step, there will popup a dialog box, you need to click "Proceed" to apply the operation.

Ok, under the help of Partition Assistant you will partition external hard drive perfectly. In addition, the data will be kept completely for you, so you could set your heart rest when you use it. What's more, when your c drive running out of space, it could help you extend system partition also.

Download Partition Assistant Standard Edition (FREEWARE)

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