Windows 7 Partition Manager Fixes Low Disk Space Warning for Windows 8/7/Vista 32 & 64 bit

Widows 7 Low disk space issue

Case source:

From this thread discussion, we get the important issue about Windows 7 low disk space warning and user could not install any program any more because the system drive partition C: is full.

Click the icon to free space, we will be guided to Windows Disk Management to extend system partition. About Windows 7 Disk Management, as we know, it was not added improvement compared with Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. To extend system partition is not available ("Extend Volume" option is grayed out) unless move the unallocated space next to the system partition, however, the fact is, move unallocated space is allowed.

Windows 7 partition manager fixes low disk space warning

"Is there any more efficient solution than reinstalling to redistribute or deleting some files, etc?" Some people may ask. Yes, the answer is yes, the latest Windows partition manager, with its powerful functions and highly data protection, fixing low disk space warning for Windows 7 is an easy job. Now download partition magic alternative toolkit and experience its magic to solve this typical problem together.

AOMEI offers easiest installation procedure, after installed, launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition to get disk/partition map and analyze:

The red circle where we marked, C: and F: partition size are allocated unreasonably, what we could do next is to shrink F: partition to release some unallocated space to merge it to C: system partition.

1. Click F:, drag the left side rightwards:

Unallocated space is released:

2. Select C: and drag the right side rightwards like we do:

3. Commit changes by last click "Apply" on the toolbar, it may reboot the Windows to finish the changes, usually you will get the fast result if the partition contains not much data.

The following image shows the increased Windows 7 system C: drive, so the low disk space warning is fixed:

So, are you still puzzled by low disk space warning in Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2000? Try this Windows partition manager now, after fixing low disk space, you also could experience other functions:
  • Copy partition/disk: It provides better way to copy whole partition/disk to another instead of "Copy and Paste".
  • Create partition: You could avoid the problem that disk will change into dynamic disk by using this Windows partition manager.
  • Add unallocated space to system partition Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000: Moving unallocated space is available so that we could merge the unallocated space to system partition easily.
  • Additional features: format, delete, wipe, hide/unhide, set active partition and so on.


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