Free Partition Manager Create and Resize Partition for Windows 7

Introduction to Partition Assistant Standard Edition 2.0

The Free partition manager, Partition Assistant can manage disk partition for Windows 7. As we have seen previously the instruction "Free Partition Assistant manage disk partition for Windows 7", Partition Assistant Standard Edition is a complete solution for managing and optimizing hard drive for your PC and laptop. The Partition Manger runs in its free version only as a 32-bit and with the following operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. It can also create, delete and format partition. Let us see how to resize partition, create partition and apply our changes to it.

Everything is explained in pictures

1. Resizing partition with the Partition Manager on Windows 7

You can resize directly to the desired size for your partition. Clink Resize.

Clicking Resize

At the opening of the window you can then indicate with precision the size of your new partition.
Resize Partition Window

You can reduce the size quickly and change the partition size by dragging the double-headed arrow (circled in red). Then click OK.
Resizing by drag the arrow

Your hard drive will appear in two parts: A partition with operating system Windows 7 (in blue) and an Unallocated Partition (in gray).
Shrink system partition

To validate these changes simply click on Apply.
Apply all operations

2. Create a partition with Partition Manager Assistant Standard Edition 2.0 on Windows 7

Once you have completed the resizing your partition, create the partition so that Windows 7 will recognize it and can use it. This is the same to right click on the unallocated partition and click on Create.

Create Partition

Otherwise, you can also select the unallocated partition and click on Create.
Create Partition

In both cases, you will get this dialog box telling you the settings to create your partition.
Set Partition Info

In the partition label (partition name) enter a name easy to remember and easy identification. We chose to use the name of Disque_6GB. While this is optional, we recommend that you define then a letter to your reader. For our part we have chosen the letter E. It's your choice and identify that the letter of your future hard disk partition. Then click OK.
Set Partition Size

All parameters for the partition management are now complete. It remains only to apply for that Partition Assistant Standard Edition 2.0 makes these changes and recognize them in Windows 7.
Partition Manager

To validate these changes simply click on Apply.
Apply Partition

3. Apply changes all partitions to take effect

Once you have clicked on Apply, you will confirm these changes by clicking on Proceed (Continue).
Note: In the Resizing Partition (partition resizing) in blue you have an instruction required reboot (restart required) which means you'll have to restart your computer for the changes being made. Save your open documents before you click on Proceed (Continue).

Pending Operations

Then click Restart Now.

Windows 7 is going to restart.
At this stage it is always possible to undo the changes by clicking on any key on your keyboard. Otherwise, the partitioning assistant will launch after 8 seconds...
Start work in 8 seconds

The changes are being ... Partition Assistant 2.0 Standard Edition is currently conducting the required changes ... It will take time Partition Assistant Standard Edition 2.0 transforming. Attention these ends, it is important to be patient and do not restart your computer until the process is not completed.

3. Conclusion

In this tutorial we saw how Windows 7 change a partition, the resize or shrink partition with application Partition Assistant Standard Edition 2.0. It free provide for personal users or home users. The Partition Manager has the functions which the Windows "Disk Manager" doesn't have, such as extend system partition, extend/shrink partition and move partition. These cannot be handled via the Windows built-in partition manger, so the 3rd party partition software, Partition Assistant is needed to you. Yes, you will free enjoy all features of the partition manager.

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