Free Partition Magic for Windows 7 Disk Management

Windows 7 Disk Management Cases

  1. "My system partition C: drive is running out of space and I heard that I could use Windows 7 Disk Management to extend it. But, when I right click C: partition I got the "Extend Volume…" option grayed out after I shrunk some unallocated space from D: partition. Can anyone help?"
  2. "I am getting mad. I can not reclaim my unallocated space in Windows 7 because it always reminds me the disk will be changed to dynamic disk…"
  3. These two questions show the flaws of moving and creating partition by using Windows 7 Disk Management like Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. If moving partition is not available, we can not extend the unallocated space to the partition absolutely, and if there are already four primary partitions, we also can create partition.

Free partition magic Windows 7

To solve such problems, what is the most efficient and easy method then? Some people asked for free partition magic for Windows 7. So, is there partition magic freeware for better disk management? The answer is yes and magic. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition, this popular free partition manager plays important role in disk management for Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000 32 bit. It performs best & enhanced data protection and disk/partition management ability in the whole process.

Free partition magic Windows 7 performance tutorial

1. To follow our test, download partition magic free first and then take several seconds to install.

2. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition and get the understandable window:

3. To move the unallocated space Behind the system partition, we drag F: partition rightwards:

4. To extend system partition, drag the right side of C: partition rightwards to add the unallocated space:

5. Create new partition: Right click unallocated space and choose "Create" to get new window. In the new window, we could specify its file system, drive letter and set as logical partition. What’s more, we could specify the new partition size by dragging:

6. Back to the main interface, check all the works and then click "Apply" on the toolbar to get changes: C: system partition enlarged and the new partition created.

So, have you experienced its magic? This free partition magic is designed for providing best Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/2000 disk management solutions. Download partition magic free to enjoy its advantages.

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