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The Reasons to Format Hard Drive:

Which situation will lead you to format hard disk drive? That is, you're setting a new hard drive at the first time, getting rid of errors from the drive, trying to eliminate the nasty virus, as well as wipe hard drive before you want to sell your computer. There are only a few situations that one might take format hard drive into consideration.

Formatting hard drive is a simple and useful method to clean data quickly. At the same time, it can help to remove viruses, solve the storage problems and even the hard-to-resolve issues. So learn how to format a hard drive is an important skill for the computer user. Well, it is fast and simple as long as you know how to proceed.


When you format hard drive you will lose everything which is on the drive. Take the time to consider what you have on your computer which you do not want to lose. Then you should backup the data and information on the hard drive before the format process. However, in some cases, this will be impossible if the virus has lead to serious system damage, but if you prepare before the start to format you can archive and copy data off the hard drive.

Format Hard Drive:

First of all, You need to download the freeware:
Download Free free partition manager

Now, open AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition and choose the partition that you would like to format in main window, then click the Format command in shortcut menu to invoke the Format Partition dialog. In the dialog, enter the partition label, and select a file system of your desired such as FAT32 or NTFS. For the cluster size, AOMEI Partition Assistant will automatically determine the cluster size depending on selected file system and partition size, and the Default option is recommended.

Of course, it is as easy as ABC for AOMEI free partition manager. Here, we take F: drive for example, right click it and you will get a view like this:

After you click the Format, the following view will appeared.

Then, please input the partition label and choose the file system (NTFS or FAT32).As for the cluster size, it’s better to use the default value. Too small or too big always has the drawback more or less.

1. Remember that format an existing drive will remove all information, so copy necessary files or information first.
2. If you need to save some files bigger than 4GB to the partition, we recommend using NTFS to format owing to the 4GB limitation of FAT32.

So, this free partition manager is not only has the function of the format hard drive, but also has the function of creating partition, extend system partition, deleting partition, etc. Therefore, if you have the partition problem, AOMEI Partition Assistant---a kind of special software will solve all the problems for you without any trouble.

Download partition magic free


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