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Windows 7 Disk Management overview

Disk Management built-in Windows 7 also called local Disk Management; it is basic management which is used for performing disk-related tasks such as resizing partition (extending system partition or shrinking partition), creating, formatting, and deleting partitions, etc.

The easiest way to access Disk Management Windows 7:

Right click "Computer"→ select "Manage" → Get the new control panel, open "Storage" and choose "Disk Management" in submenu, and then you will get the following Disk Management:

Other two ways to get Windows Disk Management in Windows 7
  • Click "Start" → "Control Panel" → "System and Security" → "Administrative Tools", then double-click the "Computer Management" → "Disk Management"
  • Click "Start". Type "diskmgmt.msc" in the text box and then click "Enter"

Disk Management Windows 7 limitations

Compared with Windows XP/2000/2003 Disk Management, Windows 7 Disk Management has much superiority because it could resize partition at least. Windows XP/2000/2003 Disk Management only could reach simpler partition creation operation some other basic operations. However, if you are familiar with Windows Vista or 2008 Disk Management, you will know much limitations and Windows 7 Disk Management also remained.

  • Extend system partition grayed out
  • Although we see there is unallocated space, extend system partition option is grayed out because between C: system partition and the unallocated space, there is F: partition:

    (What’s worse, move partition can not be selected in the drop-down menu)

  • Create partition errors
  • Create partition by built-in Winnows 7 Disk Management, sometimes we will get following two messages:

    Reason: Because Windows only allows four primary partitions at most.
    Solution: Delete one or more primary partitions to re-create partitions

Partition magic Windows 7 alternative

Such limitations, how we could manage hard disk well with Disk Management Windows 7? The answer is turning best partition magic pro alternative for help—AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition. It has built three wizards and powerful partition manager together which are used for simplifying and managing hard disk well. Free download partition magic alternative to make a comparison through following form and try its magic:

Features AOMEI Partition Assistant Windows 7 Disk Management
Resize NTFS Partition(Extend, Shrink) (limitation)
Resize FAT Partition(Extend, Shrink)
Move Partition
Create Partition (limitation)
Wipe Partitions/Disks
Copy Partitions/Disks
Convert FAT files system to NTFS
Hide/Unhide/ Partitions

Apart from above advantages, what’s more, all these operations can be easily performed with AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition eye-pleasing and simplistic interface. You will be guided to realize all partition operations with ease.

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