Partition Assistant Helps You Copy Partition to New Hard Drive without Data Loss

Generally speaking, one of the major shortcomings of the Microsoft Operating Systems is the lack of a reliable, easy-to-use and efficient utility for copying a partition to an unallocated space of a hard disk. Partition copy is especially important for users who would like to backup operating systems, upgrade to a new hard drive, move partitions to another place and replace a failing disk with a new one without losing data. Is there any partition software which enables you to copy partition safely and easily?

Of course, Partition Assistant released by AOMEI Technology is considered as an excellent partition manager which can help you meet the requirements above with its copy features – partition copy and disk copy.

Advantages of partition copy feature in Partition Assistant

First, there are four ways to perform partition copy operation as you like.

  1. Right-click a partition in the disk map or list box => Select "Copy".

  2. Select a partition in the disk map or list box => Click "Copy" button on the toolbar.

  3. Select a partition in the disk map or list box => Click "Partition Copy" under the Partition Operations group on the left side panel.

  4. Directly click "Partition Copy Wizard" under the Wizards group on the left side panel.

Partition Copy Ways

What's more, there are two copy methods for users to choose. Partition Assistant can not only support copy partition quickly but also sector-by-sector copy.

Copy partition quickly (also referred to as file-by-file copy) only copy the used space of the partition, and support to resize/move partition in order to fit the target partition.

Sector-by-sector copy enables users to copy all sectors of the partition, no matter whether it is used or not.

Compared with sector-by-sector copy, copy partition quickly method is much faster because it only copy files. On the other hand, deleted, lost files and inaccessible data only can be copied to the target partition with sector-by-sector copy method.

Please Note:

  1. Only an unallocated space can be used as the target partition, if there is no unallocated space, you need to delete or shrink one partition to create some unallocated space.

  2. Based on different copy methods, the size of unallocated space must match with source partition you want to copy. If you select "copy partition quickly", the unallocated space may not be larger than the source partition but must be equal or larger than the used space on source partition. If you select "sector-by-sector copy", the unallocated space must be equal or larger than the source partition.

  3. If there are already four primary partitions and an unallocated space on the disk, then the unallocated space can not be used as the target partition. If there are already three primary partitions and one logical partition on the disk, then the target partition only can be created as logical partition.

How to copy a partition step by step

As mentioned above, there are four ways and two methods to copy partition with Partition Assistant. I choose the first way and method as introduction.

Step1. Launch Partition Assistant Professional Edition and right-click a partition you want to copy as the source partition, click "Copy". For example, I'd like to copy partition E: to another place.

Select Source Partition

Step2. Select partition copy method. I select "copy partition quickly" and click Next to continue.

Select Partition Copy Method

Step3. Select destination space. I want to choose the unallocated space on disk 3 as the target partition, and then click Next.

Select Destination Space

Step4. Adjust partition. It not only allows you to select partition type and drive letter but also resize the target partition by inputting proper size or dragging, click Finish to end partition copy.

Adjust Partition

Step5. Preview and confirm the changes. If right, then click "Apply" and "Proceed" to start the "Pending Operations".

Click Apply and Proceed

Tips: As Partition Magic alternative, Partition Assistant has various basic and advanced functions apart from disk and partition copy feature. With Partition Assistant, you can create partition, delete partition, format partition, resize/move partition, extend system partition, shrink volume, split partition, merge partitions, convert file system, hide/unhide partitions, set active partition, etc. All the operations can be completed without data loss. Free download and check how powerful it is!

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