Is There Anyway to Convert NTFS to FAT32 without Formatting Partition and Losing Data?

The Compatibility of FAT 32 Seems Better

Compare to NTFS file system, FAT32 file system is older, but simpler and more readable from a great number of operating systems, and a wide range of peripheral equipment. If you need to access some files from DOS mode, Windows 9X, or some external media device, such as: video console, PS3, XBOX360 and etc, you need to use FAT32 file system. However, as it is an old technology, it was gradually replaced by NTFS file system since Windows XP, and it has faded out of the line of sight of people.

Can I Change the file system between NTFS and FAT 32?

Since NTFS is set as default file system in the latest Windows OS, how could I change NTFS back to FAT 32 when I want to access files from older OS or other console. General speaking, “partition format” is an easy way for us to change file system (the Windows snap-in disk management offers this feature). Open disk management, then right-click the partition you want to change, select “format partition”, and follow the wizard to complete the task. The operation is easy, but there are some important notes which you should pay attention.

  1. Format partition will erase the data while changing file system.
  2. The partition you want to convert to fat 32 must smaller than 32 GB.
  3. The single data which is larger than 4 GB could not be saved in FAT 32 File system.

Please note the “erase data” in notice “A” which means your data may get loss when changing file system. Data loss!!wow!! That’s the worst situation; here we have another solution which could help us convert NTFS to FAT 32 without formatting or data loss.

Convert NTFS to FAT 32 with AOMEI Software

FREE AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition provides a professional file system converter that could help us convert NTFS to fat 32 without formatting (no data loss). And there’s no limitation on partition size, in other words, you could change the partition to fat 32 which is larger than 32 GB, such as: 2 TB, 3 TB. Let’s see an example about how to convert an external 500 GB partition from NTFS to FAT32. Below is our target 500GB NTFS partition.


Step1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition and click "NTFS to FAT 32 Converter", on the main interface, select “Convert to FAT 32 without...” then click “Next”.


Step2. Select the target partition (here is our 500 GB partition F:), then click “next”


Step3. Click “Processed” to commit the operation, then you will find the operation complete in a few seconds.


Then let’s back to “disk management” to check the result. As the photo shows, now we have converted the partition from NTFS to FAT 32 successfully.


Now you can download FREE AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition.

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