Best Tips for Adding Unallocated Space to System Partition Windows 7

Real case about adding unallocated space to system partition

"One of my friend, he is running Windows 7, there is some unallocated space shown in Windows Disk Management. F: partition is located between C: partition (System partition) and unallocated space. As a result, "Extend volume" option is grayed out, his C: partition is running out of space and need to enlarge. So, is there any way to add unallocated space to partition without reinstalling operating system...?"

Problem analysis and solution introduction

The main reason is Windows Disk Management requires adjacent unallocated space, if there is no adjacent unallocated space, the task can not be continued. Based on this limitation, what’s worse, Windows Disk Management could not move partition at all.

So, to solve this problem, choose some highly praised partition magic Windows 7 tools is the best choice. To some Windows 7, XP, Vista, or 2000 32 home users, free partition manager windows 7 could also assist them to add unallocated space to system partition easily. If running 64 bit, partition manager Windows 7 tool will do a big favor through the following 4 steps.

Guide to add unallocated space to system partition in Windows 7

  • Before you follow the steps, please download partition magic freeware or download partition manager Windows 7 in advance for better understanding.
  • The following tutorial is based on above problem environment, if there is no unallocated space; please get detailed instruction about shrink partition Windows 7.

1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant to get following disk information:

2. Select F: and drag it rightwards:

3. When the unallocated space was moved behind to C: partition. Select system partition and drag right handle of C: partition rightwards to add unallocated space into partition:

4.Click "Apply" on the toolbar to take changes. Other buttons, "Undo", "Redo" or "Discard" are used for correction. Several minutes later, you will find that adding unallocated space to system partition is done:

So, with this all-in-one and easy-to-use program, we get the best and easy method to add unallocated space to system partition for Windows 7. Experience its other features by reading the following related articles:
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