How Do I Shrink My D Drive and Put/Add that Unallocated Space on System Partition C drive for Server 2003/2008?

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On windows server 2003, system partition out of space is quite a common problem. And this problem always persecutes the administrator. When opening built-in Disk Management, on the disk map, you could find the system drive almost saturation. But the secondary partition (drive D) owns a large number of free spaces. Here we have an example, a low system partition (drive C: 21GB which contains system, boot, and other file) and a larger data partition (drive D: 95GB with a large number of free space)

Disk management

How to make full use of the free space? Can we shrink D drive and add the space on system partition C drive? It is a pity that we can't resize partition under Windows Server 2003 Disk Management. It doesn't like Vixta/Win7/2008. Therefore, we have to resort to the third-party partition software, such as AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition, Norton Partition Magic. However, Partition Magic can't support Windows Server OS, thus, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition becomes our best option which could do the same things as Partition Magic.

Using AOMEI Partition Assistant to shrink D drive and put unallocated space on system partition C drive

Note: Before shrinking D drive, you'd better make sure there is no live progress running on it, otherwise, reboot is required.

Step1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition, right-click drive D: on the disk map and select "Resize".

Main Interface of PAS

Step2. In the pop-up window, we could drag the left handle rightwards to shrink drive D: and then click "Ok"

Shrink Drive D:

After step2, you could find there is an unallocated space (21.19GB) behind drive C:, now we need to put unallocated space on C>

Unallocated from shrinking drive D:

Step3. Select system partition C drive and drag right handle of drive C: rightwards on the panel.

Add unallocated space on system partition

Then you will find we have added unallocated space (21.19GB) on system partition C drive which has been extended from 21.00 GB to 42.19 GB.

Extended system partition

Finally, click "Apply" button on the tool bar so that achieve our operation on physics disk. BTW, shrink D drive and put unallocated space to system partition C drive is just one of the ways to extend system partition C drive, if the secondary partition is useless you could delete it then put unallocated space into system partition also. To expense more magic power of AOMEI Partition Assistant by yourself. You could free download it.

About extend system partition C drive in Windows Server 2008 you could read more details from "Can I move space from one partition to another on Server 2008"

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