Can I Move Space from One Partition to Another on Server 2003/2008

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Can I move space from one partition to anther on server 2003/2008 so that I can make full use of my whole disk? How to increase system partition? How to enlarge it? Buy a new hard drive? Actually, you needn't, through list your partition; you could find there is a plenty of available volumes on other partitions, you only need find a shortcut to move free space to system drive on server OS. Partition Assistant Server Edition is the tool you need.

AOMEI Partition Assistant help you move space to another partition

Here, we simulate a universal problem: a system partition which is running out of space with a large data drive which has plenty available volumes, let's see how to move space from one partition to another by server partition manager on server 2003.

Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition, on the disk map you could see system drive (drive C:) is nearly saturation, and there is a plenty available volumes on drive D:. So, move free space on drive D: to system partition is our aim.

Main Interface of PAS

Step1. Right-click drive D: select "resize", in the pop-up window we could shrink volume by dragging the left handle rightwards. Then click "OK"

Shrink Drive D:

Step2. After step1 you could find there will be an unallocated space behind drive C:, then select drive C:, drag the right handle of C: drive on the panel rightwards

Extend System Partition

Step3. Finally, click "Apply" on the tool bar to achieve our operation on the physics disk.

Apply Operation

Through the operation above, you could find we have already moved space from one partition to another on server 2003 by a few button clicks. You could free download Partition Assistant server edition.

This example is set on windows server 2003. In Win server 2008 you could also do the same operation to move free space from one partition to another. BTW, in server 2008, the built-in disk management allows you extend system partition by deleting the partition behind system. But you could not move free space like Partition Assistant server edition.

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