C Drive Running Out of Disk Space And Low Disk Space Warning on Windows Server 2003/2008

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Low disk space warning on Server OSs

For small business or enterprise, computers plays major role. However, some problems are still unavoidable. Typically, the larger and larger program installation leads the low disk space warning on Server every now and then, besides this, the computer performance influenced at the same time.

Time-saving & greater working efficiency

When got such message saying: C: system partition running out of space. Take it for granted? Always worry about it? Search on Google, you will find that such kind problems confused lots of people for a long time. Fortunately, for carrying such problems out, there are many partition manager server in the market used for settling partition problems directly instead of reinstalling OS or experiencing the highly risk. It should be emphasized that AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition here, which is worth regarding as best choice, seeing is believing, free download now, and go on reading to follow the procedure.

Time to solving Server low disk space

  1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition, take our test computer for example, the following screenshot shows the clearly local computer disks/partitions information. C: is system partition which can be directly shown to us one truth—no more unused space.

    Disk/partitions info

  2. Then, the next step is how we extend C: system partition into larger. In most cases, the users' situations almost like the above circumstance. The following D: partition is larger enough. So, we shrink D: to release some unallocated space for next extending C: partition. After click D:, drag the right side to leftwards as following do:

    Shrink D: to release unallocated space

  3. Do as above, the unallocated space released; everybody knows that continue the extending job must on the condition that the unallocated space should behind C: system partition. Drag D: as following to change the location.

    Change location

  4. Next, we add the unallocated space to C: system partition. Drag the right side of C: partition to rightwards. Then, according to the graphic, the unallocated space has already added to C: system partition.

    Add the unallocated space to C: partition

  5. All these changes can be previewed in "Pending Operations" box for correcting the improper changes. Commit the changes by clicking "Apply" or cancel changes, back to previous step by choosing "Discard" and "Redo", "Undo".

Look back the procedure, so easily. That's all; the low disk space alert will never puzzle you any longer. Once any partition running out of space, you can through the same method to readjust.

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