C Drive Is Full And D Is Still Empty on Server, What Do I Do?

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"I found my server computer C: drive is full which used as system partition, however, my D: drive is still empty which is used for storing data. Even though I am running Windows Server 2008 and I have shrunk D: to release some unallocated space as people suggested, I have no idea about taking further extending operation. What's worse, the low disk space alert always pops up to remind me the high risk…"

There are many similar problems about the system partition low disk space. The improper distribution at the first time or the increased program installations during the daily works both leads the above common issues. Server 2008 Local Disk Management can resize but can not move the location at all, that's why made the users unsatisfied like the above user.

Search the solution on Google, the similar problems each came with the similar methods. Today, we present the most directly and effective solution focuses on such issues here.

Before the step-by-step procedure, we recommend the reliable & versatile server partition manager first — AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition, which is regarded as the right assistant after server users experience its highly working level. Furthermore, AOMEI Technology always tries to develop it as attractive & practical & helpful partition manager as possible.

  1. Free download the Demo version, the limitations of demo version presented at the visible place for users' further understanding. The install guide offers several directly steps and unnecessary restart computer. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition, shown to the users firstly is the local computer partitions/disks information which is automatically analyzed already. The following screenshot shows the full C: drive but empty D: drive.

    Local partitions/disks info

  2. From the above iconic screenshot, C: drive is quite full whereas the D: is quite empty. What the most available method to enlarge the C: drive is shrunk the larger enough D: drive. Drag the D: drive right side leftwards.

    Shrunk D: to release unallocated space

  3. Shrink the D: into our ideal size, then, the allocated space is released. If you still confuse the unallocated space's location, then we'd like to tell you that no need to worry about it at all. Then, we exchange the locations between D: drive and unallocated space. Drag the D: to right as following do. This is the breakthrough Partition Assistant transcends the DM limitation.

    Change the D: and unallocated space's location

  4. After the 3rd step, we can directly drag the C: drive to right, then the unallocated space added to the C:

    Add the unallocated space to C: drive

  5. If we have no other special needs like hide/unhide the partitions, etc, we can previewed the above jobs at the left lower sidebar—"Pending Operation" box and commit the changes by clicking "Apply" at the toolbar. Any step is wrong, the other hot buttons "Discard", "Undo", and "Redo" at the toolbar can be used for cancelling or correcting the changes.

So, no matter the dissatisfactory made before or the daily necessary works lead the improper partitions size, now, we readjust them successfully. C: drive is enlarged by making full use of the empty D: drive. We do not believe you will still complain "What do I do…" after do as above.

For enterprise users, Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition is a better choice to support the unlimited usage within one company. You can also use Technician Edition to provide charged technical services to your clients.

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