Increase C Drive to Speed-UP Computer Performance on Server 2003

If Windows 2003 low disk space occurred, Windows server 2003 increase C drive should be done immediately unless server users can bear their running-slowly computer with its low working efficiency.

Turn to Partition Assistant for help

Once the problem take place, it is necessary to try our better to solve it. Unfortunately, just depend on the built-in disk management Windows 2003, we can not set our heart at a rest absolutely, prepare for backing up data then reinstalling OS—how terrible it seems to be! server partition manager, has been turned out to be the better solution of Windows server 2003 increase C drive. Especially it is designed for all Windows server OSs both 32 bit and 64 bit.

Increase C drive—a piece of cake

Now, keep the eyes on the following simply, efficiently and graphic steps by Partition Assistant, it will gain praise sooner or later.

  1. Launch Partition Assistant, firstly please make sure whether there is unallocated space behind the C: drive, through the detail partition layout below there is no free space. Then, select D: to drag the double-headed arrow to right to release free space:

    Shrink D by dragging

  2. After unallocated space is created, click C:, easily dragging double-headed arrow to increase C:

  3. Remember to click "Apply" on the toolbar, next, Partition Assistant effects all the changes as you expected.

Doubt it? Seeing is believing, your system performance is maximized. Download Partition Assistant Server Edition now, and experience its amazing efficiency immediately.

For enterprise users, Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition is a better choice to support the unlimited usage within one company. You can use Technician Edition to provide charged technical services to your clients.

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