Let You Easily Resize System Partition Server 2003

You must always complain why the computer running more and more slowly, maybe you do not notice the pop-up dialog "Warning" about low disk space as below:

That reminds your system was low disk space, and that's the reason why computer runs much slower day by day. How to solve this boring issue? If only can extend system partition server 2003, however, built-in disk management on server 2003 can not realize the work. So, it is university acknowledged that resize system partition server 2003 through all-in-one partition manager software such as server partition manager. It is the best tool to maximize the computer performance.

Resize system partition server 2003 Steps

After download Partition Assistant Server Edition, experience its advantages. Let's take several seconds to learn how to extend system partition C: from the following graphic introduction.

1. Open Partition Assistant, clear main window shows partition status, before extend C:, make sure whether there is unallocated space behind C:, if not, select D:, rightward drag the double-headed arrow to create unallocated space for C:

Shrink D: to create unallocated space

2. Just continue the dragging double-headed arrow to extend partition as following screenshot:
Occupy the unallocated space

3. All the preparations are done; click "Apply" in the toolbar, all the resize partition operations can be finished quickly.
Apply to Take Effect

With Partition Assistant's help, we can set our heart at rest. Rely on its powerful superiority to solve all the difficult-realize operations, just only a piece of cake.

In addition, resize system partition server 2003 is not just realized through extend partition, it is also can shrink partition and so on when the C: partition size is too large.

For enterprise users, Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition is a better choice to support the unlimited usage within one company. You can use Technician Edition to provide charged technical services to your clients.

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