Two Ways to Resize Server Partition

Why to Resize Server Partition?

When there is a networking group, a server computer becomes very important. Because a sever computer contains files and data, both for booting and operation. However, how to allocate partition is not that simple. Once partition allocated, it can hardly be changed as you want, especially by windows build-in partition manager. Fortunately, you still can find some solutions, that is, using third party software to resize server partition.

Two ways to resize server partition

Among so many partition software, partition magic is outstanding for its public praise. However, there is no partition magic server to resize server partition. So, you can try its alternative – Partition Assistant Server to realize the purpose. Partition Assistant contains two powerful toolkits, one is Extend Wizard, and another is Partition Assistant partition manager. Both of them can help you resize server partition.

Way 1, resize server partition by extend wizard:

Open Partition Assistant, choose Extend Partition:

Option interface

You can choose extend system partition or extend other partition as you want:
Operation method to Extend Partition

This Extend Partition Wizard can help you enlarge partition volume. If you want to shrink volume, choose Partition Assistant to realize.

Way 2, resize server partition by partition assistant:

Choose Partition Assistant in option interface:

Select Partition Assistant

Right click on the partition you want to shrink, click "Resize…"
Choose partition and click resize

Drag leftwards on double-headed arrow to shrink volume:
Resize dialog box

Don't forget to click "Apply" to take all the operation effect:
Apply Pending Operations

With Partition Assistant Server's help, you can resize server partition easily, while all the data are well protected. It is absolutely a perfect partition manager software..

For enterprise users, Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition is a better choice to support the unlimited usage within one company. You can use Technician Edition to provide charged technical services to your clients.

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Good News: AOMEI provides full version of Partition Magic for Server free to resize server partition free. You are able to enjoy all the features free of charge.

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