Efficient Program to Resize Server 2003 Partition

What causes to resize server 2003 partition?

Irrational partition size distribution or some partitions being low disk space leads the computer running more and more slowly, users become more and more impatient. At this critical moment, resize server 2003 partition not seem particularly important?

Need Partition Assistant Server Edition to resize partition

Resize server 2003 partition, do not think this work can be easily deal with unless reinstalling operating system or reformatting hard drive because it has no "Resize" option as Windows 2008/Vista/7 have. You could choose some partition tool such as server partition manager, this all-in-one magic utility can finish the work easily and efficiently.

Through shrink one partition to extend another partition

Suppose the D: movie partition need to extend, so, let's take a look at how Partition Assistant realizes this work.

1. Open Partition Assistant, the partition status shows up. However, pay attention, there is no unallocated space behind D:. Never worry about this, just shrink E: to release unallocated space for D:. After selecting E:, drag the double-headed arrow to the right:

Shrink E to release unallocated space

2. Once the unallocated space created circle in red, extend D: partition is quite easy to finish. Click D:, still through dragging double-headed arrow rightwards to extend partition:
Extend D: Drive

3. The last but most important step: choose "Apply" option on the toolbar let all the operation take effect.
Apply Pending Operations

Well done! All the operation carried out. Besides shrink NTFS partition, extend system partition, Partition Assistant also can merge partitions, resize SBS 2003 partition and so on. Experience its powerful features. Download Partition Assistant to resize server 2003 partition immediately.

For enterprise users, Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition is a better choice to support the unlimited usage within one company. You can use Technician Edition to provide charged technical services to your clients.

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