Tutorial on Partition Magic Windows 2003 Server Partition Resize

Have you ever met the problem that the system drive runs out of space and low disk space warning keeps popping up? Do you want to solve this problem by resizing partition or merging partition without loosing data? Do you want to improve your server performance? Do you know the best partition magic windows 2003 server? In this article, you will find all the answers.

Use Partition Magic for Windows 2003 Server?

Partition Magic is regarded as the most popular partition software. However, it doesn't support windows server 2003, thus you need to search some partition magic alternatives. There are many, such as server partition manager-AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition.

Partition Magic Windows 2003 Server Alternatives

Partition Assistant Server is considered to be one of the best Partition Magic Windows 2003 Server alternatives. Many editors and users give it a high comment. It supports Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012, as it has long history to support all Windows operating systems and file systems.

The most important feature of Partition Assistant is its portability, safety and reliability.

Main features of Partition Assistant Server Edition

As one of the best magic server alternatives, Partition Assistant Server Edition is an ALL-IN-ONE Windows Server partition solution and reliable disk management utility. It provides powerful data protection and increase the efficiency of Windows server performance.

  • Extend system partition on server os without rebooting.
  • Resize/move, merge and split partition to maximize server performance.
  • Convert file system from FAT32 to NTFS
  • Repartition hard drive easily
  • Permanently Wipe hard drive to erase all data completely and ensure data unrecovered

Other benefits of this Partition Magic Windows 2003 Server

With its user-friendly interface, the functions of this manager are easy to get access to, no matter whether you have used partition toolkit or not. Moreover, all your operation will not take effect until you click "Apply". But you will be well informed what you have done during the whole progress. So if you are not sure about your operation, just close the program and nothing will be changed.

Partition Magic Windows 2003 Server resize partition tutorial

Step 1: launch Partition Assistant Server, right-click the partition and select "Resize…" to shrink this partition.

Right Click Resize Menu

Drag the left borderline of this data partition rightwards.
Unallocated space

After step 1, there will be unallocated space created behind the system partition.
Drag Rightward to Shrink Drive D:

Step 2: Right-click the system partition and select "Resize". In the pop up window, drag the right borderline rightwards.
Drag Rightwards to enlarge Drive C:

Now the system partition has been extended, click "Apply".
Apply Menu

Now download this Partition Magic Windows 2003 Server Tool and check how it works for your Windows server partitions!

For enterprise users, Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition is a better choice to support the unlimited usage within one company. You can use Technician Edition to provide charged technical services to your clients.

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