The best and Free Partition Extender for Windows 7/Vista

When we have a large hard drive with a small system partition, it may make much sense to extend C drive through shrinking other volume or some else ways. In our daily use of computer, most of us may have encountered this problem: You are running out of disk space on C:. To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here. It is a low disk space warning to remind users that volume space is insufficient. Under this condition, it is better for users to take actions to extend the space insufficient volume, not ignore the warning.

We all know that there is a great improvement on Windows Vista, and then extending or shrinking volume in Win7 and Vista becomes much easier than in previous Windows versions. However, there are still some flaws make users use third party partition manager software. This article is going to introduce which tool to use and how to increase volume space.

Free partition extender for Win7

Windows 7 built-in Disk Management tool can only extend volume when there is an unallocated space contiguous behind. When the unallocated space is not right behind or even there is no unallocated space on the hard drive, the extending function is unavailable. This is why we need to turn to disk management software, such as Partition Assistant.

This tool contains many functions to solve all kinds of disk problems. The most notable feature is its moving function which Windows internal disk management tool doesn't have. With this function, we can move the unallocated space right behind the volume that needs to be extended freely. As for extending system partition, Extend Partition Wizard can achieve it without rebooting.

Main Interface

From the screenshot above, we can see many other functions, such as Merge Partitions and Allocate Free Space, both of them can be used to extend volume. So please free download this free and multi-function software from to be far away from the annoying low disk space warning.

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