Extend Volume Server 2003 with the Dependable Software

During the day-to-day business life, more and more program need to be installed, but the capacity of our disk volume become less and less. Have you ever want to extend volume server 2003? To most of the consumers, this operation is really a thorn problem. It is well-known that the Disk Management has no resizing function on Windows Server 2003, it can only delete, create and format partition, so we could only use other third-party partition software to extend volume on Windows Server 2003.

Extend volume server 2003 with the dependable software

There are so many partition management alternatives. So chose practical software is the crucial step. If you use some unreliable software it may not able to help you to extend disk volume, even worse it may lead your important information get loss. In technical forums, most of the experienced people recommend server partition manager as the best Partition Magic for Windows 2003 Server. It is famous for its enhanced features, simple operation and absolute security. As the follow I will teach you how to use this partition tool to extend volume server 2003.

Extend volume on server 2003 by Partition Assistant

Note: In this case, you can see 3 partitions, drive: C, D, E, we want to extend drive D, but there’s no unallocated space, we need to reduce drive: E for unallocated space.

Step1. Run Partition Assistant Server Edition and Select the drive: E on the disk map

Partition Assistant Server Edition Main Window

Step2. Position the mouse pointer on the left partition handle of the drive: e, when the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow, drag the handle rightwards and then there will be some unallocated space behind the drive: D
Shrink drive: E for unallocated

Step3. Select the drive: D on the disk map, position the mouse pointer on the right partition handle, drag the handle rightwards to cover unallocated.
Cover unallocated

Step4. Click "Apply" in the top toolbar to realize these changes.

You can now download the Partition Assistant Server for testing.

For enterprise users, Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition is a better choice to support the unlimited usage within one company. Also, you can use Technician Edition to provide charged technical services to your clients. You could choose different edition based on your needs.

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