What Cause Extend Volume Greyed Out

In order to meet the need of users, Microsoft has added two features - shrink volume and extend volume to Disk Management in Windows 7, 2008, Vista. The improvements make the resize partition become realizable in theory. However sometimes we may find the function that extend volume greyed out. We can not use the feature. Why?

Why extend volume greyed out

First we should know how does the Disk Management work.
(Here we regard C drive as the goal partition)

  1. Launch Windows Disk Management snap-in. There are C drive, D drive and unallocated space on the Disk 0.

    Disk management

  2. Select C drive. Right click on it and you will find the "Extend Volume" greyed out.

    Extend Volume Greyed out

In fact, "Extend Volume" option only available when there is contiguous unallocated space behind the volume which you want to extend. As here is no unallocated space after the C partition drive, so extend volume greyed out.

Therefore we need an unallocated place behind the goal partition (drive: C), theoretically we should shrink volume D for unallocated space, but you will find you could only create an unallocated space behind drive: D, not drive: C, unless you could move the unallocated space or you could only make drive: D become unallocated place (delete drive: D), but this way may lead all your data in drive: D get loss, of course you could create a new partition and copy drive: D in it ,then delete, but this may cost you too much time. Why not choose another shortcut which could achieve partition resize without data loss, and time-waster.

AOMEI Partition Assistant helps you solve "extend volume greyed out" problem

Here we have the newest partition software - AOMEI Partition Assistant which is the most popular and reliable tool. It includes powerful functions such as resize/move partition, split patition, merge partitions, allocate free space, create partition, and so on. Now you can use Partition Assistant to extend your partition, then "extend volume greyed out" will never appear.

Partition Assistant Server

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