Disk Management Extend Volume Grayed out in Windows Server 2008

Extend Partition by Using Windows Disk Management

In Windows Server 2008, extending volume is no longer a difficult task, because Disk Management of Win2008 has been built-in, providing functions as extend partition and shrink volume, which is very easy to use. It's able to extend system partition and logical partition. Meanwhile, this feature can also resize dynamic system volume on a dynamic disk.

However, sometimes you may dind extend volume grayed out Server 2008 in Disk Management. Right click the system boot volume, but you will find "Extend Volume ..." is a greyed out and in unusable state. The screenshot is as follow:

Extend volume grayed out

You may feel upset. In fact, it is possible to extend system partition (C:), but to activate "Extend Volume" option should be in some conditions. As there is no "contiguous unallocated space" after the (C:) partition drive, so "Extend Volume" option is greyed out.

Extend Partition by using AOMEI Partition Assistant

As using windows disk management to extend partition is not convenience, we hereby suggest a new partition toolkit to help you extend partition --- AOMEI Partition Assistant Server. It is easy and safe to extend a partition, what you need to do is a few of clicks. Besides, it is safe. All you data and file will be highly protected.

Case Study 1: Below will demonstrate how to extend system volume with Extend Partition Wizard?

First, download and run Partition Assistant Server, and click "Extend Partition Wizard" in its main board:

Choose extend partition

Then, a pop-up dialog box will be presented in front of you, please check "Extend System Partition" option, click "Next":

Choose extend system partition

Tick "Automatical Mode for extending a partition", click "Next":

Tick the option below

To extend system volume, Drag the slider bar rightwards or enter proper new size into the "Partition New Size" field, then click "Next":

Extend system partition

When the following screen appears, check all the information. Click "Proceed" to take all the operation effect:

Proceed to finish

Case Study 2: How to Resize Volume (Extend and Shrink Volume) in PA main board?

1. Open AOMEI Partition Assistant Server, and select Disk1 from list box, then preview the disk1 layout before extending system C: drive as follows: (C: 50GB, D:160GB, E: 70GB)

Current Disk Layout

2. To increase C: size, this requires an unallocated space after the (C:) drive. Now, please drag the circle rightwards to shrink the D: volume. In the release the mouse, you will see an unallocated disk space between the C: and D:, and also, a pending operation will be added to nearside "Pending Operations" list box. (Marked in the blue region)

Shrink D: Volume

3. Right-click C:, and choose "Resize..." option.

Right-click D: and Resize

4. Now, you will see a pop-up dialog box. Please directly input a new size to "Partition size" or drag the circle rightwards. Please refer to the following screen:

Resize/Move Dialog

5. Click "Ok" button to return PA main board, another a pending operation is added to "Pending Operations" list box. And the C: has been extended from 50GB to 159.07GB: (Marked in the blue region)

Partition New Size

Finally, remember to click Apply on toolbar to commit these pending tasks.

Commit Partition Tasks

After all the operations, you only need waiting for a few minutes to see server 2008 partition optimized. And the most important thing is, you will never meet problems like "Extend Volume Grayed out" afterwards with the help of PA. DOWNLOAD AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition (Demo) to try the problem about "extend volume grayed out server 2008".

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For enterprise users, Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition is a better choice to support the unlimited usage within one company. Also, you can use Technician Edition to provide charged technical services to your clients. You could choose different edition based on your needs.

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