How to Extend Partition in Windows 7 with Magic Disk Partitioning Software?

Normally when you buy a desktop or laptop, the hard drive has already been partitioned casually my manufactures, such as small C and large D. when the computer is used over a period of time, you will find the small drive will be stuffed with data, files or caches. If the small C dive is running out of space, your computer will be in danger. For example, computer will run slowly or system will crash if the system volume is badly in need of space.

In this scenario, you need to extend the space insufficient volume.

Partitioning manager in Windows 7

Similar to Windows Vista, Windows 7 also has the built-in disk manager to resize volumes. The built-in Disk Management utility is able to do the job of shrinking and expanding partitions in Windows 7 under some certain conditions. For example, you can only extend a volume when there is an unallocated space contiguous behind it, if not, the Extend Volume feature is useless.

Third party partitioning manager software for Windows 7

When Windows 7 internal disk manager cannot meet your requirements, you have to turn to some third party partitioning software. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition is a free and professional disk manager for Windows home users. This tool can also be used for commercial use.

Step1: Launch Partition Assistant to get its main interface.

Step2: Right click D and select "Allocate Free Space" in the drop-down menu. You can see it through the following screenshot.

Main interface

Step3: In the pop-up window, enter the amount of free space that you want to move to C dive in the box. Click "OK".

Step4: Then you can see C drive has been extended in the disk map. Click "Apply" on the toolbar to commit operations.

This is one method to extend partition; you also can try some other features of this software to increase volume space, such as shrink D to generate an unallocated space and then add it to C drive. For more information about how to extend C drive in Windows, you can refer to this article.

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