Change Partition Size: Server 2003 Optimization

Why Need to Change Partition Size Server 2003?

For Windows Server 2003 administrative, smooth operation of OS is very important. Besides, reasonable allocating partitions can help administrative work convenient and efficient. However, there are uncertain facts happen from time to time, which leads to poor performance of Windows Server 2003. Thus, server 2003 optimization become necessary, whereas change partition size server 2003 is one effective way.

If the System partition is running out of space and struggles for precious unallocated space, you are unable to install new programs, even the whole performance of your computer become slowly. On the other side, excessive free space on logical partition causes waste on recourse. Therefore, you could need to change partition size on Windows Server 2003.

Change Partition Size for Server 2003

For low disk space, administrative can optimize partition allocation by enlarge system partition size, either from unallocated space or from other logical partitions. If there is excessive space on logical partition, administrative can shrink this partition to move excessive part to partitions needing space. Both enlarging and shrinking partition can be realized by resize function of server partition manager.

How to Change Partition Size Server 2003 with Partition Assistant Server?

To change partition size on with Partition Assistant, first of all, you should log as Administrator and launch the software.

User friendly interface

Right click on partition you want to change size, click "Resize" in the drop-down menu:
Resize Option

Specify size quantity to enlarge or shrink partition as you wish:
Specify size quantity

Click "Apply" to accomplish your command to take effect:

Based on the above, to change partition size server 2003 with Partition Assistant Server is convenient and safety. Only thing you need to do is moving and few click your mouse. It can ensure your data untouched while the whole progress. It will be an excellent partition software you never have. Also, you can use its built-in Extend Partition Wizard to increase partition size. DOWNLOAD now!

For enterprise users, Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition is a better choice to support the unlimited usage within one company. Also, you can use Technician Edition to provide charged technical services to your clients. You could choose different edition based on your needs.

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