Best Disk Partition Utility Server 2008 to Manage Disk Better

About Server 2008

Along with Windows Server 2008 being released, it has been attracted so many kinds of people. It is the successor to Server 2003, which was released several years before. Like Windows Vista, it is built from the same code base. Thus, it shares a great deal of the same architecture and functionality.

Owing to the code base is similar, it will automatically come with most of technical, security, management and administrative features, which allows the system resources to be partitioned dynamically with Dynamic Hardware.

Why need disk partition software in Server 2008?

As we all know, the disk is like the head of one people, and it manages all the programs, files, data, or other else. To access the information in our computer, it is inevitable to get in touch with hard disk. Therefore, it is extremely essential for us to manage it well.

The disk management in Server 2008 can create, format, delete, change label and convert to GPT disk. However, only these basic functions can not be satisfied with our needs. We need to resize, shrink, extend, move and merge partitions. Among these features, extending is the most important, because our computer always shows a low disk space and slow speed. In this case, a partition magic is necessary for us.

Best disk partition utility Server 2008 to manage disk better

As it mentioned above, the disk partition software is needed to manage disk better, but which is best? It is widely known that there are so many kinds of partition software in the market. Among these partition products, AOMEI Partition Assistant enjoys the large popularity, and the Server version is specialized in Windows Server, like Server 2000/2003/2008 and Server 2011.

The best disk partition utility Server 2008 can manage both basic and dynamic disk. If we have dynamic disk in our computer, this software will show as follows:

Server Version

It is really handy to use this partition magic, because both basic and dynamic disk can run well with it. Meanwhile, it is a piece of cake to merge, copy, migrate, move, extend, etc.

How much do you like it? Now, click here to have fun!

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