How to Rebuild MBR with Partition Assistant

Some time when you boot up your system you may get the error message "system missing", actually, this not means your system was run away, such errors may caused by damaged Master Boor Record (MBR), in this situation you need to use some special tool to rebuilt correct MBR to the computer without destroying any data. Now we have added this feature in Partition Assistant (PA) and released in PA Standard Edition for free. The following are the detailed steps about how to rebuild MBR with PA.

Step by step to rebuild MBR with PA

  1. Connect your computer to another PC or create WinPE bootable CD to fix the problem;
  2. Select the disk and right-click the disk select Rebuild MBR, or in the main menu select Disk -> Rebuild MBR;
  3. Depends on what is your operating system and then the program will set the type of MBR for your OS;
  4. Click Apply on the toolbar to commit Rebuild MBR.


If the boot files are corrupted, the rebuild MBR feature could not solve this problem.

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