How to Resize Mirrored Volume in Windows Server 2003?

Mirrored volume, which is also known as software RAID 1, is one type of dynamic volumes. Mirrored volumes are composed of two dynamic disks only and it duplicates an exact copy of data on two dynamic disks. When one volume fails, another one can still work normally. Because of this advantage, many companies and organizations use mirrored volume as a backup tool to protect their critical information from damaging.

However, when mirrored volume is running out of space, what should we do? It is well known that Windows built-in disk management tool can only extend simple and spanned volume. If we want to resize mirrored/striped/ RAID 5 volumes, 3thd party partition software is needed. AOMEI Partition Assistant, as an all-in-one and excellent partition software, also can manage dynamic disks well. For example, it can create all the five types of dynamic volumes and extend or shrink all of them without data loss, etc. Here we are going to introduce how to resize software raid 1 with magic partition software.

Extend mirrored volume with Partition Assistant

Step1: Launch Partition Assistant, then we can see its main interface as below:

Main interface

Step2: Click the area marked with red box in the picture above to launch dynamic disk manager, and then we can mange dynamic volumes.

Step3: Right click mirrored volume (F: ) and then select "Resize/Move" in the drop-down menu.

Select resize function

Step4: In the pop-up window, drag the right slider bar rightwards to expand F: according to our needs.

Expand F:

Step5: After finishing step 4, we can preview the change through the bottom box. Then click "OK" to continue.

Preview the change

Step6: From the user interface, we also can see that mirrored volume has been extended. Click "Commit" on the toolbar to save all the changes.

Commit the operation

This article mainly introduces how to extend mirrored volume. When we using Partition Assistant, we also can find there are many other functions, please click here to know more information about how to resize simple/spanned/striped/RAID 5 volumes.

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