Create and Manage Dynamic Volume with Magic Partition Software?

A disk initialized for dynamic storage is called a dynamic disk, and dynamic disks are so popular with computer users nowadays, especially for server users. Different from basic disks, dynamic disks contain simple, spanned, striped, mirrored and RAID -5 volumes. The following is a brief introduction of the five types of dynamic volumes.

A Simple Volume is a dynamic volume that is made up of disk space on a single dynamic disk.

A Spanned Volume consists of disk space on more than one physical disk.

A Striped Volume (Raid 0) stores data in stripes on two or more physical disks and it offers a faster access to data than simple and striped volume, but not fault tolerant.

A Mirrored Volume (Raid 1) provides an identical twin of the selected volume. All data written to the mirrored volume is written to both volumes, which results in disk capacity of only 50 percent.

Raid-5: This type of dynamic volumes needs three dynamic disks at least. It is fault-tolerant and provides a high writing and reading speed of data. In addition, it can only be available on server operating system.

The advantage of dynamic disk is that it supports creating volume that takes up spaces of several disks, and so many users want to try it. It is well known that Windows built-in disk management tool can convert basic disk to dynamic easily, but after converting, how to create and manage volume on it?

Create dynamic volume with Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant is an all-in-one and professional partition software, it not only can manage basic disks, but also can resize volumes on dynamic disks. First, we can take a look at the main interface of this software:

Main interface

We can manage dynamic disks by clicking the area that marked with red box in the above screenshot. After launching dynamic disk manager, then we can create simple/spanned/ striped/mirrored and RAID -5 volumes, just according to our needs.

Through this software, we also can extend and shrink all types of dynamic volumes, while Windows Disk Management can only extend simple and spanned volumes. So please don't hesitate to free download this magic partition software to manage both basic and dynamic disks.

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